The College Classic National Championship:
Rules, Scoresheets, & Entry Guidelines

Have a question about the legality of a skill or trick?

Submit a video of your skill or trick below and a College Classic representative will review your video for legality.

Medical waivers will be collected through the registration website. After creating your account, you will add emails of all parents/guardians or participants (if 18 years or older) to your account and a specific email will be generated for each participant. In addition, at least one coach must also sign the Acknowledgement of Rules and Scoresheets. More detailed directions will be provided separately in an email to you. 

Every coach and participant must have their form completed and submitted BEFORE participating in any College Classic related competition, class, event, etc. 

NOTE: If you attended a DTU camp or DTU regional competition in 2021-2022 and previously submitted these forms for all participants, you do NOT need to resubmit these forms so long as you have all the same participants. Any additional participants who do not have a medical waiver on file must have a completed waiver before their team will be able to participate in The College Classic.